Baseball & Fireworks!

Hi everyone!
Last Friday of proton today, can’t believe there’s only one session left…. Wow! We’re so excited!

We got back from the clinic early today so Angel did some swimming at the pool! This evening we went to another Suns Baseball game – thanks so much to Celeste Stevens for getting us the tickets.

The game was awesome – we’re getting the hang of it (and the players!) now.
It was a super hot night though (and 102 degrees this afternoon).

It was a pretty fun game and Angel took her southpaw paw!

We especially like Brady Shoemaker… Or maybe it’s just his name and beard?


After the game Angel got to meet a player! She got her shirt signed and was very happy about this!!!




Then they had tonnes of fireworks! And a faith band.

In all, we had a really fun evening.

Taking Angel to her last arts and crafts session with Miss Debbie in the morning, will let you know how she gets on!

Happy weekend!


One thought on “Baseball & Fireworks!

  1. Hi Angel
    You have been so strong and inspirational throughout all your treatment. I have been following all your experiences and treatments and wish you well for when you get home and move to high school. We will miss your smiling face at Bispham Endowed. Don’t forget to come and see us soon. Love Debbie – (office)

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