Saturday post from Bev…….

Elaine is looming(knitting on a loom) so I have had the honour of writing the blog today.
Angel attended arts and crafts at micheals this morning, which is also grandparents day in america so she made a special gift for nanna.the afternoon was partly spent shopping in Walmart she treated herself to the return to oz characters and a gold angel necklace with the money that Brendon and his cousin gave her(thank you).
The rest afternoon was spent in the apartment due to it being too hot outside, not what you want to hear in Blackpool sorry,so Elaine and angel did knitting on the looms whilst I rang home to check my house was not a pile of ash.would like to say a BIG thank you to Dylan Taylor’s grandma for making his fundraising swim upto the grand total of £600.
Saturday evening Miss Britney invited us to a return visit to hamburger Mary’s,what can I say an amazing time was had by all three of us the best entertainment ever, shame there is nothing like this in the U.K. as we would be weekly visitors,would def recommend a night out here for anyone visiting jacksonville.A big big thank you to Miss Britney for paying the tab,you made one little girl very happy.
Tomorrow is a morning at pecan park flea market followed by a day at Kathys on trout river,surprise is waiting for us.
Angel is now fast asleep in bed.
I myself can not thank enough Elaine Bamford enough for coming here with us she is an amazing person, and some people may not realise but I had only met her twice before at her mums birthday and on my birthday night out years ago,if it was not for her Angel would not have been able to go to all the places we have,she has researched all the places to find entertainment for angel to keep her occupied and have as much normality as possible away from the world of a brain tumour,she has created the blog been the photographer and also our chauffeur in the world of wacky races,not to mention putting up with the moods swings of angel and the rants off me,we have become a nice family unit,she deserves as much praise as I receive for being strong even though I don’t see myself as that.i feel so privileged that she said yes to come to jacksonville with us on angels journey












One thought on “Saturday post from Bev…….

  1. Pam & I will be thinking of Angel come Tuesday, her last treatment day. Our best wishes to all of you for a save return to the UK and our strong hope and belief for Angel’s cure. Walter & Pam

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