Sunday on the river…

Want to start with a huge Thank You to those of you who have sent me Graduation messages for Angel’s last treatment tomorrow!!! I will share these on the blog after Angel has seen them.

Secondly – we had an awesome day yesterday!
Our friend Kathy had invited us over to her house again for swimming and fishing, so we came prepared with swim stuff and sunblock… However, what we were not prepared for was Kathy’s surprised….

She had arranged for her son to come over with his speed boat, and her Grandaon with his jet ski.

We took a boat ride down to the river where Kathy bought us all lunch at American Grill.

Looking happy and full!

Then Angel rode on the jet ski back to the house…

Here she is as we left the landing… All sardined in! She absolutely loved it!!

Back at Kathy’s we did a bit of fishing with Logan and Hayden…. Angel caught a fish!!





Angel spent some time in the pool with Zach, Elizabeth, Hayden and Conor, and after an hour or so of this epic chill out we decided it was time for another river session…

This time – Angel rode the jet ski with Zach!

She did awesome and even Bev got on for a ride (in sports mode my I add!!) I took some videos I will post them shortly.
While Angel was riding the jet ski I drove the speed boat! That was of course until it got to choppy and shallow – then I let Mike take over!





We took the boat and jet ski out to a little sand island… Where Kathy wrote Angel’s name in the sand wall.





We then drove the boat back to Kathy’s!
We had an absolutely fantastic day and I have never seen Angel so happy or smiley since we’ve been here!! She didn’t have one stress or emotional moment all day, she was just happy being a normal child and it was such a blessing and joy to see.



Angel definitely has a new favourite toy in the jet ski.
As it’s Labour day over here (bank holiday for ‘workers’ – ergo, no Labour) we have no proton therapy…

So guess where we have gone?!…. Just a little drive back to Kathy’s 🙈 bet she’s wishing she wasn’t retired !!





3 thoughts on “Sunday on the river…

  1. Good luck for tomorrow Angel. You have done so well and everyone is very proud of you. We are all looking forward to seeing you at your welcome home party. Love from Miss Simpson xx

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