Jet Skis, More Fishing, BBQs & Water Fights

I can honestly say that the last two days Angel has been the happiest since we got here.
She has been smiling and laughing as generally in a really good happy healthy well mood.

You would not in a million years think she’s one session away from finishing 8 weeks of proton therapy.

We cannot thank Kathy and her family enough for their hospitality and friendship this weekend, Angel felt like a normal little girl again and Bev and I were blessed to also feel like individual people and not ‘proton patient caregivers’ as we usually do.

Quick post tonight as we still have stuff to sort out for graduation tomorrow! Will be so busy so apologies if I don’t post stuff until later. Anyway – recap on Monday.

* Angel doesn’t want to go home.
* Angel wants a jet ski
* Mike makes really good chicken wings (on the grill no less)
* Bev and I are COVERED in bites… And now smell of apple cider vinegar
* Angel has lost significantly more hair the last two days, the sides are not too bad but the back is very noticeable now.
* We are increasingly amazed at her attitude and reaction to the whole experience, and SO proud
* Zach is Angel’s new BFF
*We caught some fish
*We love water fights
*Angel may want a speed boat
* We have made some amazing friends out here that we *will* be coming back to see when Angel returns for her one year check up

Will leave you with some pic, jet ski and proton videos are on my Facebook!

P.S Dylan Taylor sorry for ignoring all your FaceTime calls! We were out on the river xx

Yes… We are up at midnight making a banner for the clinic…








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