Last Lunch and Learn

We’re back to the clinic for our last lunch and learn! We’ve really enjoyed our Wednesday afternoon even if we do end up crying every week.

We love the presentations, meeting new patients and saying goodbye to graduates (not so much!)

Today Angel is one of those graduates! And I have a speech ready to deliver!


3 thoughts on “Last Lunch and Learn

  1. Good luck with your speech , glad it’s all over for Angel , won’t be long now before your home ready for your next adventure xx

  2. Hello Angel
    We started back at school today after the six weeks holiday. It was a lovely warm sunny day but nowhere near as hot as Florida. Everyone played out on the field at lunchtime and the children have been getting used to their new classes. We sang ‘your song’ in assembly and remembered you all in our prayers. Quite a few of last year’s Year 6 children were in the playground after school in their new Montgemery uniforms – they were looking very smart and all drinking bright blue slush drinks!! Not sure when you come back home but please come and see us all when you do.
    love Mrs Hirst x

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