Road Trip #3 – Swimming with Dolphins!

After breakfast (and swapping the your bus we accidentally bought in Spanish instead of English) we drove up to the beach.

Which.was. lovely.







After the beach we took Angel to Marineland!!! Unlike SeaWorld or some other zoos, this isn’t a ‘show’ animal place at all – it’s a dolphin habitat.





Going to let Angel tell you about her experience here:

First I met the trainer and she took me too meet the dolphins. She told me the names of some dolphins there was
Hemingway chubby Zak Betty and achey. It was was Hemingway’s birthday and he was 3. I went round to go in the pool, I put a life jacket got changed into my swim suit and went into the pool. I saw with achey. We had to do different signals to get him to do different things. We signals for him to splash us to jump and dive and lots of other tricks. My faveiurite part was when I kissed him. We did some other tricks like getting him to jump through a hoop, playing with a ball dancing and lots more. We fed him and i le aren’t that dolphins don’t go to sleep they shut off half of there brains but still haft to come up to the surface to breath. It was amazing swimming with the dolphins and would love to swim with them again.

* * *
Check her out in the water!!





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