Angel’s leaving party @ Hamburger Mary’s

On Saturday night we took Angel to Hamburger Mary’s for one last time!
It was our last time having dinner with a lot or our friends here and we had a really good time!!


Angel especially enjoyed the male dancers Kyle and Rico! We think they should come to England for a Vacation and audition for Britains Got Talent.

Emily, Ewen, Kathy & Jimmie joined us.
We also had an additional guest – Kathy’s daughter Tammy who came along to join us. We all had a great time. Angel and Ewen both with cotton wool in their ears!

Angel and Miss. Brittany



Angel, Ewen and Emily.


Angel and Tammy having hugs!


Once again we’d like to thank everyone at Hamburger Mary’s for an amazing night out! We had an absolute blast and cannot recommend the place enough!!! We will be back to visit the next time we are in Jacksonville.

Elaine, Angel and Bev x



2 thoughts on “Angel’s leaving party @ Hamburger Mary’s

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