Angel’s Last Week in Jacksonville

Where has the week gone? For starters we look like proper tourists… Still walking around in our summer clothes (because it’s still hot!) while Floridans seem to think it’s December in their jeans and jumpers!

We’ve had a busy week, visiting people at the clinic; taking books to the library; donating all of our clothes to Goodwill so we can get our luggage home – just to name a few.

After our awesome Saturday night at Hamburger Mary’s, we were all smiley and happy on Sunday – so we took our happy selves to the flea market for one last time.

It was raining. Really raining. And we were quite glad since we’ve been struggling in the heat!!
On Sunday evening we went to a Dave and Busters for dinner with Scott, Celeste, Zach and Conor.

It was basically a big restaurant come sports bar, with a huge arcade inside!

The only draw back is that there is no money involved… Not inside the arcade anyway! So you have to buy these rechargeable game cards… And swipe them for a turn. This works great on the games that don’t yield tickets – I beat the high score on the batman race btw – but not so good on the ticketed games, which of course is the main objective of all the kids wanting to win a play station!
Anyway, we had fun months less, Angel ended up getting loom bands with her masses of tickets (you can thank all her experience in coral island for that) and I won Zach at air hockey 5-2!!





During our last week we also went to Waffle House for the first time…. Where Bev has grits for lunch..,omnomnom



On Tuesday we took Angel to the Cummer Museum which was an art gallery and gardens. We got free entrance with our proton passes, which was a very pleasant surprise!

We spent a large part of the day here!!! It’s a very beautiful place and a must visit for people staying here…. Go go go!








On T





On Tuesday night we went to Karaoke !! Angel sang Rather be… She was really good! (Video on her Facebook)

Today we went back to the clinic to take some books, knitting needles, DVDs and some games. Angel saw her friend Esprella which was lovely, and we also ran in to Kim, Barbara, Lynn and Dempsey.

This afternoon we went to the pool, and attempted to swim… Which was really Angel and I swatting away all the ‘love bugs’ (thanks for the info Scott) that seem to be all over the place here! Yuck – we’re not the biggest fans of mating season.

Bingo and Wings tonight!
Tomorrow we’re spending the day at the river and going to watch Zach play football at night!!

We don’t want to come home. But we’re looking forward to seeing everyone!! xx


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