We’re Home !

We’re home!

Although we were in America under unfortunate circumstances we really didn’t want to leave. On Thursday night before going to bed Angel said she didn’t want to go. Our friend Conor, had asked his Mum ‘are they going to visit England and then coming back home to Jacksonville?’. Aaagh!

We didn’t have the best of journeys… starting at Jacksonville Airport where all of our luggage was over the weight limit!
We had to empty items out of the bags and put them in the trash… highly amusing for everyone else in the que I’m sure.

Our first flight was okay, and we arrived at Chicago around lunch time. We then had lots of hours to kill walking around… which were mostly spent people watching and involved the three of us being very shocked at how sad everyone looked. It was like misery town in the windy city! Everything and everyone looked dark and gloomy… so it must be true that sunshine makes you happy!

Our flight was completely full… so we realized how spoilt we were on the flight out!
90% of the flight was male… the majority of whom had all been to Las Vegas or on business trips.

Angel slept for a while zzzZzzzz Zzzzzz

We arrived home where my Mum picked us up! She drove Bev and I straight to weight watchers (ho ho ho) and took Angel shopping!!!

I’ll post any updates as they happen… but for now… Angel just needs to go shopping for her school uniform! xx






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