A long stressful Day at Alder Hey.

On Monday we took Angel to Alder Hey Children’s hospital for what we believed to be a ‘review’ with the endocrinology team.

It ended up being a full day trip – we left Angel and Bev’s just after 12 and didn’t get back to Blackpool until almost 8. A long long day in Liverpool!

To reiterate; although Angel is ‘fine’ and as well as she can be at the moment, she still does and will always have her brain tumour.
Proton beam therapy works to break down the DNA in the tumour; preventing cells from reproducing. For more information on Angel’s proton experience, please click here.

Back in England the main reasons (at the moment) for appointments in the UK are with regards to endocrinology.
Yesterday we met with two members of her Endocrine team – were asked a lot of questions about America and Angel’s progress.
A quick summary – everything is ok. I wouldn’t say bad or brilliant, but for now things are as good as they can be, under the circumstances. The ‘brain tumour journey’ is definitely not over, with a lot more hospital visits to be expected in the near future.

I will be honest, as I always am on this blog, and do hope that a realistic experience of living/coping with/caring for a child with a brain tumour can be.
I have seen Angel cry many times living with her during the last three months, as many of you know she can become stressed very easily and one of the side effects of the brain tumour has been an increase in her sensitivity.
HOWEVER, I have never seen her cry – not even once – during any hospital visits.
Yesterday I saw her cry at an appointment for the first time.
It wasn’t a good day.

However, we left smiling (after a de-tour to the neuro ward where she went to see if any patients or staff she recognized)
Her social worker rachel from CLIC Sargent came to visit both Angel and Bev, and gave Angel a bag of goodies which she was very grateful for! We were especially happy with the lego (Thanks Rachel!)








In the end we came home smiling… although still very much wishing we were driving back to River City appartments! aaaaah. We do miss Jacksonville so!

Talking of America… we took a few photos outside the hospital for our American friends to see – a stark contrast to UFPTI, don’t you think???





One thought on “A long stressful Day at Alder Hey.

  1. Wow! You know you are more than welcome here in Jacksonville any time. Zach missed you all at his game last week. He said that he could only hear his grandma cheering in the stands.

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