Caged Predators – Corey’s (winning!) fight

I’m updating from Las Vegas!! Angel had a hospital appointment on the 25th and all is okay and as it should be.
She’s settling in to school well and is even being put forward for her gold in music – playing the flute!! She’s very happy about that.

Had to make a post to mention that my lovely cousin Corey Fry invited Angel to be his VIP guest at his fight tonight!!
Apparently it was a (very) early TKO so a massive well done to Corey!!!!

Thanks so much for inviting Angel and Bev, she really loved watching UFC while we were in America!!

Here’s the 411 on what happened last night!

MMA returned to Blackburn, Lancashire, as Caged Predators presented their first installment live from a packed out Audley Sports Centre.

The fans were treated to two caged boxing fights, one professional MMA and 11 amateur MMA match up’s, which featured three amateur championship fights in the featherweight, welterweight and middleweight divisions.

Corey Fry vs. Dave Turner

Round One

Back to the MMA and Fry is out in the centre and looks to kick up high. Turner comes in but eats a left punch and blocks a Fry kick up high. Fry is looking more active to begin and scores with some punches and another kick. Turner throws in a front kick, which Fry catches and lands a jab. They go to circling before Fry goes up high with a left kick, but it’s blocked. Turner is in the middle but Fry comes in with some fierce shots and rocks Turner a little and he pushes him to the cage and lands the uppercuts and knees. They split and Turner catches a fry kick and goes to sweep him off his feet but doesn’t connect. Again Fry opens up and catches him up high with a kick and lands more knees to the body in the clinch. They work around and Fry gets the clinch again and lands with the knees, which are firing in to the body, and then he lands more punches, stalking his opponent across the cage and then when he corners him close to the cage he lands more knees to the face, in the clinch, and Turner doesn’t go down but the ref has seen enough and jumps in to stop the fight.

The crowd go mental for that finish.

Corey Fry gets the TKO victory at 1:08′




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