Welcome Home Party!!

Thank you to everyone that attended Angel’s welcome home party yesterday afternoon.

Both Bev and Angel were overwhelmed with how many friends and family attended – and a big thanks to everyone who brought along cakes and sandwiches!!






We also drew the raffle !! Which was a great success; we had over 150 prizes! And managed to raise a whopping £988.00 !!!
We also had a collection tin for Alder Hey, which we could not open, but will be sent to them.

Fortunately the majority of the people who won raffle prizes attended yesterday and were able to take them home. This included golf lessons, photo shoot, hairdressing vouchers, soft toys, gift sets, sweets, chocolates, gift vouchers and lots of bottles of wine!

We have a lot of prizes left over, and the following are waiting at my house 🙂
So if you bought a ticket and did not attend yesterday, email your address and/or who you brought the tickets from and I will do my best to get the prizes to you ASAP.

Many thanks,


1 – Wooden rocking horse – Pam England
2 – Manchester United Tickets – Mrs Thompson
3 – England cricket item – Darren Stokes
4 – MP3 Player – Cat Berry
5 – Spa set – Maggie (Colne)
6 – Scotch Malt Whiskey – John
7 – Dylan Dog – Katie
8 – Thortons Premium collection – Farhan Qudeer
9 – FCUK gift set – Helen Boff
10 – Photo Album – Lynsey
11 – Champagne and glitter glass – Tracy
12 – Baby Oleg – Mariko
13 – Men’s gift set – Pam England
14 – Gosh Design bear – Lynette Hosburgh
15 – Bottle of Bacardi – Darren Stokes

There are also various bottles of wine, spirits, boxes of chocolates, sweets and gift sets for the following winners:

– Aud and Tracey
– Lee Ambrose
– Maggie (Colne)
– Pauline
– Nikki (Colne)
– Karen Aware
– Katie
– Naomi R
– Kelly M
– Mrs Miller

Once again, thanks so much to everyone who helped out; sold tickets; made sandwiches; donated raffle prizes and everyone who came to support Angel and Bev!!!

Elaine xx


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