Merry Christmas from England!!!

Seasons greetings! Especially to all our friends we met in America, thanks for the lovely cards and thoughts about Angel over Christmas!!

Angel came for a sleep over last night! As part of her Christmas present I bought her pantomime tickets (oh yes I did) and we went yesterday afternoon with my wee cousins Adam and Isla;


Both Angel and Adam were singing and dancing all the way through!! We came home and had some tea, then watched movies. Loved having Angel around again. I am driving her back to Blackpool today – Bev is currently de-snowing the car for me:
So, a little update from all of us:

Hospital – the current issue since the last visit is hypothalamic syndrome, rapid weight gain.
Most of this is on Angels tummy.. I have noticed today how this means she struggles to walk, particularly get up the stairs. So Bev might have ask for a wheelchair.

Angel says: ‘What are you doing to do if I have to have a wheelchair, Elaine had to push me in America’….
Bev: ‘I’ll push you,.. And I can dump all my shopping on the chair as well’ haha.

School – Angel is doing really well, she had a music recital – she played walking in the air (so cute!!)


She also took part in the dance festival at Blackpool Tower (unfortunately we couldn’t take any pictures of the children) where she was really really good!!!


She also got into the news letter for Brian House Hospice in Blackpool…


Apart from going out and giving a pint of blood, Bev hasn’t felt very festive this year, she thinks Christmas is very much for the little ones and as they get older it’s not same.
She was amused by the photos of where we used to stay (in the hot tub!!!)!

Elaine: welllll…,, I did a 5k run, oh wait 2 5k’s runs… And Angel has sponsored me (I did have to dress as an elf)

I’ve also been making and donating Christmas hampers and volunteering the Christmas in my own community.
Bev and I both agree there’s a lot more giving and support for homeless/needy in America than there is in the U.K.
I’ll be doing a bigger drive next year, and asking for tin donations etc.

My brother Warren has also decided to do a big sponsored swimathk on (5K a day for 5 days) and the money will be divided between Angels Appeal and Christmas Hampers 2015.
More on that when we know the details!!

And finally – Angel got me a BATMAN TORCH for my bag… (Because it’s so dark inside and hard to find the three things (phone, keys, diary) I have in there.




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