Loong day in Liverpool

Hi from Liverpool! After a looong day at Alder Hey, we have brought Angel to a Premier Inn, and will take her back in the morning. Here she is fast asleep… Mwahhaha


Lots to report!
Angel had her first appointment this morning at Physio at 10:45am.

Angel had always been quite active (while in America her energy levels were through the roof) and done a lot of walking, however since being diagnosed with a brain tumour she has found this more and more difficult.
Bev is struggling to get her to walk up stairs, and she is now using a lift at school.

After her assessment, the feeling from the pros is that these are some effects of her endocrine (the rapid wight gain; soreness; problems with joints and struggling with movements).

She has been given physio exercises (Pilates etc – to strengthen her core) because her stomach is the most effected.

She has gained another 7lb in the last two weeks. Here are some comparisons:



After Physio she had a meeting with her endocrinologist – Dr Blair; discussed the latest going ons and issues and we were told her has to have more tests done.
The ones done at Blackpool Victoria were not in depth enough – so she had a body assessment today and has to come back and stay and be admitted for few days (date tbc) to have some intense tests performed, hopefully some medication will be sorted out from this.

She then went to have some lunch (Clairs butty shop – no e) on the corner across the road from the main hospital – highly recommend!

Afternoon was time for Pathology – where the bloods didn’t hurt one bit thanks to the incy windy cannular they used today (wonderful – the same as they use for newborns, the needle was so fine Angel couldn’t feel a thing)

First appointment tomorrow, is opmathology at 10am! So we better get some sleep!!!

Will let you know as we get some more answers 😦
Keep Angel in your thoughts xx


4 thoughts on “Loong day in Liverpool

  1. Dear Angel (and Bev and Elaine)
    Everyone in the Bispham Endowed School Family sends lots of love to you. We are all thinking about you and remembering you in our prayers in assembly. Looking forward to seeing you in the playground again soon.
    Mrs Hirst xxx

  2. Angel, your American family will continue to pray for you. You are a beautiful, brave young Lady. Stay strong. We miss and love you all.

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