January Update

Sooo… Angel has been doing okay. She’s been at school but unfortunately gymnastics is a no no.

Her hair is growing back (I will post a before and after pic later) but she is still gaining weight quite rapidly. This is a know side effect of her tumour though and is being monitored.

The last recorded weight when she got back from Jacksonville was 30kg… She is now over 45kg.. So you can imagine how much this is effecting her.

Her brothers have to help her up the stairs and she can’t get about anywhere near how she used to. She keeps saying she would prefer to have lost all her hair than be like this. It’s heartbreaking to hear, especially from someone, who despite everything has always remained so positive.

Her pulse is also quite a bit slower (64 bpm but again this is being monitored)

She has had blood tests taken for reviews of baseline pituitary screen, and bone x rays so they can better access the maturity of her skeleton!

In less medical news… Angel and Bev came over to Blackburn to visit me for my Birthday last week, as you can she, as usual she was in high spirits and her happy self despite what she is going through.



One thought on “January Update

  1. Beautiful Angel. We are all thinking about you and hoping that you are back home again soon. Keep smiling gorgeous girl. All our love. Liz, Dave, Jessica, Emily & David xxxxx

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