ğŸ’ž World Cancer Day ğŸ’ž

As yesterday was world cancer day, I just wanted to share a little message of support for our friends we met in America.
Especially to Mariah who is having a rough time of it recently, and little Trinity who recently went for her 6 months check up at UFPTI… Wow doesn’t seem that long ago we watched you ring your bell Trin!

Well done to Espressa for getting clear tests back, and massive massive love and respect on our dear friend Miss Kathy who is kicking cancers butt down in Tampa Bay.

We miss you all dearly and can only say that Angel’s journey was made a better more supportive one through meeting you guys ❤

Keeping with the theme, wanted to show you what the Ella (Barbie with Cancer!) looks like with no hair.



This is such a neat idea, we went to a little ‘cancer party’ while Angel was at Neumours for obs one day.. And you can only get these dolls in certain children’s hospitals. If anyone knows of a little girl suffering with cancer or hair loss, let me know and I will contact them and see how we go about it.

Thanks to Jill, Jo Hirst, Kathy, Anita, Liz, Dave, Jessica, Emily & David for your messages xx

Angel can have visitors today if anyone wants to take a trip to Alder Hey – she’s on war L2!



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