Blog by Angel… I’m in Blackburn!

visiting Elaine! It is so cold here! And I forgot to bring extra socks.

So far I have had a look around the shops, been to visit Carol at the Clifton arms who is holding a fundraising night for me, and tonight I will be going to Cory’s fight!!!!

We are in the process of updating the blog too… let us know what you think/which you prefer! Not often we are on the laptop… so any questions you have about treatment, email them over or fill in this form xx

p.s. Mum has bought some pickled mussels from the market here. yuck


One thought on “Blog by Angel… I’m in Blackburn!

  1. We’ve got plenty of socks Angel tell Elaine to get you some and turn the heating up to full flick the switch on the wall next to the fire on constant and there a electric blanket so your mam will be sweating . Have a good time tonight xxx

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