Charity BBQ & Race Night.

This afternoon we went to see Carol at the Clifton Arms Pub, in Blackburn, who is organizing a big Fundraising night for Angel.

The race night and BBQ will be held on Thursday 2nd of April at 8pm!

For this event, we are selling:

Programs – these are £1:50 each and are for a cash prize.


Horses and Jockey’s! You can sponsor a horse, or a jockey, for £2 per name.. there will 10 races on the night, and a winning horse and jockey from each race will receive a prize.

Bev, Angel and myself all have a race sheet and will be selling these! So please get in touch with us or email me to put your name down and I can arrange payment!


Angel has the following horses and jockeys for sale, for Race 7 sponsored by the Premier Shop Ladies

Horse Jockey
1 – Wood and Ward Bread Maker
2 – Cope in stone Jen’s Den
3 – Bullyseye RAF
4 – Jimbo Jetset Kirby Girl
5 –Wig Wam Man Davey D
6 – Stella Fella Carole Line
7- Park Inn’s Son Ginger Kid
8- Free Willy Stovie

Thanks so much to Carol who is organizing this event, it is free to attend, with additional horses available on the night, prizes to auction and a BBQ!! We hope to see you there.


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