Update – still in hospital 🏥

Since being admitted on Monday Angel is totally exhausted.

She’s generally just not well and definitely not here self. Poor Bev is cured. Since being in hospital, she has gone from not being able to talk properly to starting to stammer and saying her words differently. She is also walking differently .. Sometimes this can be known as brain fogging, but at the moment nobody has any idea what the causes are. 

As there were no beds at Alder Hey, she was due to have a MRI at Blackpool Victoria on Tuesday. We were then told she would be transferring to Liverpool, but as of yet there is still no room on the ward.

There has since been a further change of plan to conduct a CT scan in Blackpool and be transferred tomorrow morning, as the ward is still fully occupied. 

Dr Laycock at Blackpool Victoria has told us that her ct scan is ok .. And that is all we know at present.

Angel is not herself and Bev is in tears… I can’t really say anymore, not a good blog I know but it’s the reality of a brain tumour – Angel is now in a wheelchair. It is likely they will be begin bloods at Blackpool while she is waitin to be transferred to save time. 

Thanks to everyone who has and continues to be so supportive, especially Bev’s sister in-law Kira and friend Chris. 

Will find out about visiting and what’s going on in Liverpool. 

Elaine x


2 thoughts on “Update – still in hospital 🏥

  1. Hello Angel. Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well and are back in hospital. Sending lots of love and prayers from everyone at Bispham Endowed CE Primary. Mrs Hirst x

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