Proton was easy compared to endocrine…

Last Thursday angel attended a jaw maxillofacial appointment to have her jaw checked. 

She has had problems with her jaw even before her tumour was diagnose (probably 1.5 years before) 

The conclusion was that her jaw is smoother but still not how it should be – on the right hand side, however, although it’s not locking like it used to, she has been referred to the orthodontist at Blackpool Victoria as being minus certain hormones can have an affect on her jaw joints. 

This will have to be dealt with as it happens, obviously depending on how much her jaw grows as at the moment her teeth are slightly crowded. 

Today she has a 9am appt at Alder Hey for a glucagon stimulation  test which will take between 3-4 hrs

This is all to do with endocrine (bloods), and while she I there she will also have another assesment with physio. 

This will be followed by yet another appt with speech therapy due to the talking issues from march (when she was taken to blacpool Victoria – then onto Alder Hey).

And finally she will see Natalie at mulberry house CAMHS.

Angel and Bev will be staying at premier inn again tonight as… Yep you guessed if, appointments early tomorrow for cortisol levels and blood test – she’ll also be at Alder Hey tomorrow 9am to 4.30 pm.

Obviously two days of tests on the trot will be hard on Angel but hopefully we will be a step closer to being sorted and having some answers. 

These endocrine appt are all done as day care  hard on Angel having tests 2 days on trot but hopefully they can get her sorted. 

Will keep you updated, Elaine 😘


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