Yearly update!

It is a year ago today since Angel was diagnosed with her brain tumour, and as many of you who have been following this journey with her will know, a LOT has changed since then. 
Here she is last year, at Alder Hey in front of the tin man. 

And in her Bispham Endowed school uniform at Brian House Children’s Hospice:

On July 4th we set off to Jacksonville, Florida, and Angel began her proton journey… 

10 weeks of intensive proton beam therapy…. 

And lots of zapping later…  

 She finished her treatment!


And lost a bit of hair…

Lots of things have changed for Angel since she’s been back …

She won a local hero of the year award in December.. 


And she’s now at high school !!

If Angel didn’t have hypophalamic syndrome … Then she would currently be her normal self (but with a inoperable brain tumour) 

But unfortunately this side of the journey has had a massive effect on her. She is now 8.5stone 3 stone 8lbs heavier than she was a year ago at alder hey, so she is feeling down as her mobility has been affected.

The wheelchair situation hasn’t been the best, and because it was such a long process to receive one, Bev finds it almost impossible to push in the wind etc.

Hopefully in the next few months we’ll have happier news! 


One thought on “Yearly update!

  1. Angel is the most inspirational and happy young lady I’ve ever met. In school she always brings a smile to my face her cheeky personality is addictive no matter what sort of day I’m having at school she cheers me up x x love her x

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