Last visit to Alderhey in April..

On Tueaday Angel was once again back at Alder Hey Childrens hospital. 

At 1pm she had an MRI scan with contrast, before a meeting at 3pm with her team. 

The results were great; the team are pleased with how both her brain tumour and cyst are looking from the MRI.

She does not need to have another MRI scan now for another four months! 

Her next MRI appointment will also include a MRA.                                        An MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiogram) scan is carried out exactly the same as an MRI scan apart from the use of dye which will be injected into Angel’s blood using a needle through the back of her hand.  This scan gives a clear picture which may show parts of the brain or other arteries that haven’t shown up well on other tests.  The dye used in this test has no side effects.

From the tumour side of things, Angel does not have to see anyone until August (unless there are any concerns or if the cyst starts to swell, then we will have to get in touch with them) 

Proton Angel the tumour trooper is fighting this well! Pleased to have some brilliant news at last. 

Hopefully, following this good news we will finally get somewhere in sorting her endocrine system. 

This has proved to be a much harder situation due to how many tests and depths they have to partake and analyse. At the moment she is currently ‘under investigation’ but back again to see Dr Didi on May 6th so hopefully some news then. 


One thought on “Last visit to Alderhey in April..

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