Review Appointment – 26th May

Bev was left with the instructions, that if she hadn’t recieved a follow up appointment in the post, she should call Dr Didi’s secretory to chase one up.

As no correspondence had been recieved by the 21st of May, Bev got in touch for some clarity…

Angel was given an appointment for the 26th of May – the day after the run, luckily it’s the school holidays here int the UK (Angel hates having time off school) so she was glad she didn’t have to miss any classes.

Although the appointment was for 1:30, he was kind enough to see Angel before his clinic even started. Bev is very happy with this consultant, he really listens, and investigates further even when blood results seem fine.

Dealing with a child who has an inoperable brain tumour at Alder Hey Childrens hospital is, in a word, a messy process. We have come to learn now that perhaps none of Angel’s appointments here will be straight forward.

Angel has come to dread going to her appointments here, and while noone wishes to slate the NHS in anyway, there always seems to be one problem after another at the hospital.

After speaking to Dr Didi, Bev has mentioned some ‘low’ moments Angel has had at school, and feels like Angel’s 4pm tablet is having no effect. (She was falling asleep by 6pm)

Because Angel wakes up at 1am – that’s when her day starts…so having a tablet (to give you energy)…the 4pm just doesn’t seem to be kicking in. Even with melatonin she is not getting sufficient sleep….

Because her cotisol levels are higher in the morning, Dr Didi advises Angel stops her morning tablet, doubles up her 11am dose and stays with the 4pm tablet.  This would be tried for a week, and if no better to get back in touch via his secretory.

Angel then went to the pathlab to have her bloods taken, and could then go home… … (maybe that would be it until next time…. wrong!!)

So, Angel and Bev took a nice shopping trip to Sainsbury’s… only to return home to multiple missed calls… from… Dr Didi!

He had got the results back from the pathlab (only 3 hours earlier) … and then we were told ‘everything you were told in clinic, forget!)

Thyroid levels are now low, and tablets have to be changed again!

5 in the morning

5 at 11am

and 2.5 at 4pm.

So a prescription is pending… and Bev will be picking up thyroxine (hopefully from Sunday) we have to see how she goes on with this, and if she’s no better we will just contact Dr Didi again.

Her next appointment with Dr Didi is 23rd of June, will let you know how she gets on!


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