Rest in Peace Miss Kathy – Our Angel in Disguise.

You may have lost your battle with cancer, but you are still our hero.

Our 'Angel in Disguise' - Kathy Zink Garrison,66.

Our ‘Angel in Disguise’ – Kathy Zink Garrison,66.

It is a sad day for Angel, Bev and myself, as we mourn the passing of our lovely friend ‘Miss Kathy’ who’s funeral was held today at 11am (EDT).

We first met Kathy in August last year, through Scott and Celest, who had told Miss Kathy about Angel, and she in turn, had requested to meet her! I remember the first day we went over, for a BBQ! Miss Kathy went out of her way to make us feel welcome, cooking us up a proper Jacksonville BBQ and introducing us to her close friends and neighbors!

At the time we were overwhelmed by her hospitality and good nature, and the effect that she had, not only on our general day to day life in the world of a brain tumor, but also on Angel’s attitude and morale towards the end of her treatment.

Angel’s positivism increased significantly when spending times with Miss Kathy; herself and her family treated Angel as a normal person, and made her last few weeks of treatment, and remaining time in Florida so much more special, we will always be grateful for that.

Followers of the blog may remember that Miss Kathy invited us over to her house one random weekend for a ‘surprise’, which she had secretly arranged for us with her family – her son bought over his speed boat and jet skis, and they all took us out for lunch.  This was one of Angel’s happiest times in Florida. Only another small example of how Miss Kathy, and her random acts of kindess had such an impact on Angel’s proton journey.

Angel loved Miss Kathy, and she loved spending time with her over at her house on Trout River.


Miss Kathy (her daughter Tammy, and her friend and next door neighbour Connie) also came out with us to Hamburger Mary’s for Angel’s last night out. She taught us how to fish (with the help of Zach of course!), she took us out for lunch at her favorite resturant; made Angel feel normal! Had water fights, jokes, laughs, helped Bev and I to feel like adults again! Came to Angel’s graduation, but most of all, Miss Kathy was a really wonderful friend.

We were so inspired and constantly amazed to hear about Miss Kathy’s battle with cancer. She fought long and hard, all with the most refreshing, inspirational attitude as she lived life to the full; the first day we went over to Kathy’s ended with her being tipped off a chair in to her pool at the end of an awesome ice bucket challenge. Even while facing her own difficulties, she was raising awareness and thinking of others. Heaven really has gained an Angel, ‘Our Angel in disguise’ as Angel called her.

Angel will be planting a rose bush in memory of you and your lovely garden, that we have such amazing memories from.

We’ll Miss you Miss Kathy! So glad we had the honour of meeting you.

p.s. Angel – this is a message Miss Kathy sent to me for your graduation:

Dear Angel,
I am so glad I was able to meet you, your Mom and Elaine while you were here in the US getting your Proton treatment, thanks to Scott and Celeste for bringing you over for the fish fry. You have inspired me so much with what all you have been through. You are one smart and brave young lady and you make me feel so wonderful just being around you and talking to you. I will never forget the wonderful day we had going to lunch at the landing by boat and you riding on the jet ski with Zach and Elizabeth. I am blessed to now call you my friend and hope to stay in touch with you after you leave.

I wish you, your Mom and Elaine the best as you return to the UK and I will keep you in my prayers x.

Love to you all – Miss Kathy



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