This week, a year ago today..

We had:

  • Traveled 4,142 miles from Manchester to Jacksonville
  • Settled in to our new home
  • Received our new car but were DEFINITELY geographically challenged on the freeways.
    We had found a new love for our pool, which we mostly had to ourselves, with the exception of the occasional frog.
  • We had not yet been to Olive Garden (or tasted what would be our favorite soup for the next 10 weeks!)
  • We had yet to meet Scott, Celest and the boys!
  • We were watching PLENTY of Law and Order… since it was way to hot to go outside!
  • Out favourite place to go to dinner at this point was Buffalo Wild Wings…
  • We had stuggled without a kettle or ice… before finding the aforementioned at Walmart, and the later by working out how to work the freezer.
  • We were already a little bit brown from the Floridian Sun
  • We had found the dollar store, tutti fruitti, and taken our first shopping trip to Michael’s
  • Angel was enjoying crafts a LOT at this point
  • We had visited the Proton Therapy Institute, Woolfson’s Children hospital and Neumours all in this week.
  • Angel had had CT Scans, MRI and various Haematology base line tests in preparation for her treatment
  • We attended out first lunch and learn this week!!! This was also the week we met Mariah and family, and Carol and Wayne Loots. 
  • This was also the week we got lost… and saw various roadkill in ‘the hood’
  • Our first visit to Denny’s was this week
  • Thanks to free tickets (from UFPTI) we went to the zoo

  • We took Angel to a Proton Preview Tour.. so she could see the machine she would be lying on every day.                   (Angel looks so tiny compared to the Proton Machine!)
  • We also finally got an idea of exactly where her brain tumour was, and where the proton beams would be aiming


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