June – July Review and Hospital Updates.

Hello everyone!

Angel is over visiting us in Blackburn today, so we have lots to update on!

As most of you know, on Tuesday 9th June Angel attended an appointment at Alder hey for allergy testing –  the results of which unfortunately showed a negative reading.

When she later attended Dr Laycocks clinic (12th June, Blackpool Victoria Hospital) he advised that the best way to act with regards to the allergy test, was to avoid what she already knows she’s allergic too (types of berries; anything with blackcurrants in – cordials/drinks; certain perfumes and aftershaves; face paint; beauty products; plasters; sun tan lotions; certain moisturizers… I won’t go on and bore you, there’s just a LOT) long story short – she just has to watch out for further reactions/allergies.

Also to report:

FINALLY after nearly 6 months… Angel now has her Growth Hormone kit!

Dietitian Clinic, at Blackpool Victoria Hospital


Meeting at Clic Sargent

Endocrine Meeting 

Happy Reading!


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