Tueday 21st July Update – Alder Hey Endocrinology

Due to her syndrome Angel’s reviews will now be monthly for her endocrinology. Even though Angel is still  lagging at tea time, he doesn’t want to up any of her medication so as an alternative option he wants her to attend D2 Ward for a Cortizol Curve. (A blood test done over 9am – 4pm etc) to compare to the one that they did in April.

He also wants her to have an abdominal ultrasound, he was very impressed with her weight loss. (She has now lost an additional 11lbs since last month!!!)

WOOOHOOO!!!!! 12lbs lost in total!!! Well done Angel!! 

The low carb diet is obviously working (she doesn’t have more than 90g of carbs a day. Cutting out all milk and bread, too! She dosn’t have any cordials or fizzy drinks, she is just drinking water. So the online research has been worthwhile.

She has signed up for the gym and has her induction tomorrow morning!!! Good Luck Angel ❤ She want’s Bev in the gym every morning at 7am!!! eeek!!


One thought on “Tueday 21st July Update – Alder Hey Endocrinology

  1. Brilliant , keep it up . I’d love to be a fly on the wall watching Bev in the gym , bet Angel will put us all to shame xxxxxxxx

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