1 year today – since Angel finished brain tumour blasting treatment!

Wow, I can’t believe today marks a whole year since Angel had her last session of proton beam therapy!! 

It only seems like last week we were driving to the clinic every day (and getting lost) and struggling with the lift in nemours or going across to the main hospital for lunch. 

Angel misses arts and crafts and her friends from America, Bev and I miss knitting, Ross and Lunch and learn!

So much has changed for Angel in the last 12 months: 

  • She now goes to high school! 
  • She takes lots of medication – all by herself. 
  • She still has regular visits at Alderhey Children’s hospital, but aside from her endocrine issues, brain tumour wise the proton beam therapy was fantastic and Angel is officially 1 year cancer free. 
  • During this year Angel has lost two of her close (and most supportive) friends due to cancer – Miss Kathy who we met in Jacksonville, and more recently Steve (Wills). 
  • It would be great to hear from our friends in America to see what has changed in your lives!! 
  • Going to see Angel today and will take a photo for the blog!



One thought on “1 year today – since Angel finished brain tumour blasting treatment!

  1. Wow I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve seen yall!! I miss you guys so much and love the blog updates:) congrats on a year free of cancer Angel, you are awesome!
    Just a quick update on me since I’ve seen you; I started medical school! Maybe I’ll visit you when I finish all my schooling you can be my first real patient:) miss you all so much!

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