Bloods, bloods and more bloods…

Friday 11th September… 9am appointment!

Leaving Blackpool at 7am, Angel didn’t feel well on the journey… so we had to pull over (luckily we had Maureen – patient transport) who was really nice and supportive. Back in the car, arrived approx 08:45am to attend Ward D2!

Had her first lot of bloods taken at 9am, and wasn’t due to have her next lot of bloods until 11… so we went off to meet Rachel (from Cllc Srgnt) until then.

Back at 11am, more bloods were taken. Then she took her hydrocorizone (steroid tablet)

Next blood due two hours later at 1pm…. this time we stayed on the ward and Angel coloured and read.

The next bloods were at 3pm with her next tablet.

We then went out of Alder Hey to have dinner at a cafe across the road (we always go out… there’s a good sandwich shop (claire’s and a new cafe that does open toasties and stuff) The cafeteria at Alder Hey is SO PRICY! And unless it’s a Tuesday (mmm lamb… Bev’s favourite…the food is generally rubbish too.

Anyway! After lunch… and another wait additional bloods were taken!

Went home, Blackpool Illuminations had started, and it was the first night of the firework festival… so a good three hours later we arrived home.

7am – 7pm day! This was also the week she had re-started school! eeep!

All in bloods….. are a boring long day! She has to go as a day patient… but really she doesn’t need to be a day patient as she goes back and fourth to the ward ‘waiting’ for her next bloods.


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