ENT, Audiology and Endocrine…

Tuesday 22nd September… 

Left Blackpool at 08:30am, Angel’s first appointment was at 10:30am… due to an accident on the Motorway (freeway) we just got there with a minute to spare!

very busy waiting area, and a a very long delay! One of the appointments today was a new consultation… so of course the reception would not yet have the notes on this!

50 minutes later Bev returned to the desk to ask where and when Angel’s appointment was happening (all the nurses did was open the double doors and call the patients through.. so after sitting in a busy waiting area (and also only just making the time) there was some confusion as to what was going on)

We were still waiting as the time for her audiology appointment, and they called her through.

This appointment was meant to be for an hours hearing test which had been canceled in April. Met the consultant and he asked about the proton side of things… we explained Angel had had a hearing test in Jan and her hearing is fine… it’s not that she’s deaf… its just that her hearing is super sensitive.

He then explained Angel’s hearing is HYPER ACUSIS … Angel’s always had something wrong with her ears… but because she was never ill… Angel always thought she was just a bit soft. Anyway, a bit of research led us to realize that the audio diagnosis makes a lot of sense (sometimes toilet flushing, public places, car radio, heavy traffic, concerts…fireworks etc she can’t go to) certain soundd are more difficult to listen to than others. (fire alarm at school makes her cry… etc) A lot of things that have happened in Angel’s life now add up and make sense.

We now have to wait until Octoner 15th to start the official hyper acusis test… to clarify the severity of the diagnosis and see if there’s anything they can do to help.

Back to the waiting room… waited for the ENT appointment.

FINALLY… after 2 hours 35 minutes more of waiting (Angel is a complete stress head when she has to wait and can get VERY agitated)

The ENT appointment concluded in the consultant explain he wanted to do fiberoptic nasendoscopy (camera up your nose!) to check her sinuses.

This is usually done under local anesthetic…butttt because Angel has allergies (especially towards her face) he doesn’t want to put her under. Anyway, decision was made to insert camera without numbing or pain relief… everything was fine and okay apart from one of her nostrils being a bit red. She was crying (at the part where it goes over her nose and down into the other nostril) but persevered like a trooper…. she was given some topical antibioitc cream that she has to use morning and night for four weeks (snorting it up her nostril…. to give you a bit picture… and for those of you who don’t see the humour in this… think of it as she is snorting something that looks like toothpaste up her nose!)

The next appointment was at 1pm… to meet Dr Didi ( Endo) but was on Ward 1… Angel wasn’t very happy (had not eaten for 7 hours and this was making her particularly grumpy) ….. sooo… not only was Angel in a grumpy mood… Dr Didi was late (unavoidable I’m sure) … but then Angel was further agitated by the poster she then found on the wall.

Dr Didi happy with Angel’s weight loss – 2 stone 1lb!


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