New Hospital at Alder Hey is open!

Tuesday 6th October… Alder Hey… NEW Hospital!

Have a look at the video here – Alder Hey in the Park

Here is Angel at the new Alder Hey Children’s hospital… which is now open! waheyyy. Impressed… appointment was at 2:45pm and she was allowed in 40 minutes early (as we had arrived early!)

This ultrasound was requested by Dr Didi to check… her womb etc. To make sure everything is developing how it should do, everything looked okay but the radiographer wanted Dr Didi to check it over… the results of which we are still waiting for.

Bev did ask Dr Didi a couple of months ago (after research we have learnt a lot of people with hormone deficiencies are unable to have children) .. he said (in July) that it’s highly unlikely Angel will be able to have children (without help) due to the amount of hormones she is missing.

We are glad to have asked about this… because it would be an additional hard blow to receive when she is older.


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