OMG it’s October….

Hi everyone (especially our 46 new followers) sooooo sorry you’ve not been updated in ages! Ugh. There are plenty of reasons why.. but don’t worry I ‘ll inform you of them all…. I have so much to tell you!!!

  1. Firstly, I can (finally!) share my exciting news – I got a new job this year! Although I’ve known since the start of summer I am only now (well since September) finalized in my department and location. I’m working for the Civil Service, I absolutely love it and although I’m tired and it’s a big change (from children and hospitals!) to get used to, I’m embracing the new learning as a welcome challenge.                                                                                                      I still see Angel (and Bev) perhaps 2-3 times a month (depending on our oh so hectic social calendars) and am always updated and informed of her hospitals visits when I am not with her – so I will continue to update y’all as and when I can.
  2. Bev and Angel have been super busy themselves,I have so much to tell you about – trips to London (Angel’s drawing was displayed in an art gallery on Saville Row. no less). MRI scans; Music exams at school.
  3. Overnight stay in Birmingham Children’s hospital
  4. Endocrine issues. blah! I can see myself needing to do an Elaine explains on this teehee.
  5. Audiology, ENT and Ultrasound.
  6. WEIGHT LOSS – we’re all on the fat fighting train.
  7. Bloods, bloods and more bloods.
  8. Meeting a member of the Royal family.
  9. Two trips to come and see me…. plus we went to Ribby Hall, remember… andddd I think she may have also done some tap lessons!

She is sitting watching Strictly Come Dancing with me right now… so it gives me a chance to do some UPDATES!

Edit: She WAS watching it… by the time I got half way through posting she’s fallen asleep. n’awww.



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