Overnight stay in Birmingham Children’s Hospital…

As I previously mentioned Angel’s trip with myself and my family down to Cadbury World was cut short… when she took ill during the travel down.

I don’t know whether it comes across in the blog.. but when Angel gets ill… she gets rally ill and FAST. So it is imperative she is rushed straight to the nearest hospital. Said occasion at Birmingham… in her own words ‘ I shit on and was sick on myself’ wasn’t a very good day at all.

When she arrived at the hospital, she was checked for cryptosporidium (a genus of apicomplexan protozoans that can cause gastrointestinal illness with diarrhoea) as there has been a recent outbreak this in the UK on the Fylde Coast (where Angel lives) and we haven’t been able to drink our tap water (we don’t all have posh American fridges fyi)

Ended up being told it wasn’t this… but instead she had contracted CAMPYLOBACTER (food poisoning)

Bad stomach ache followed for a few weeks afterwards, which meant Alder Hey wanted to conduct additional tests to check she wasn’t still carrying the bug.

This was eventually done 13 days after… on day 16…. we got a phone call to say she still had the bug! Not to worry… just meant another jolly to the Chemist (*ahem* Pharmacy/Wallgreens)… fortunately the antibotic meds meant after 10 days she was clear of the bug. Fortunately! Due to being adrenal deficient she does have a low immune system (so she is susceptible to catching colds/flus/becoming ill due to low immunity!)

Sooo… just to clarify… everything was okay after to her visit to Birmingham Children’s hospital. It was unfortunate… and I don’t mean this to sound as awful as it does… but it was only food poisoning… which is ‘great’ because it means she wasn’t sick because of the brain tumor or anything to do with cancer/endocrine!

Here she is looking happy about it!


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