17th Feb – Audiology Clinic, Alderhey Children’s Hospital.

Todays was to peform futher neurotolohical examination with a video head impulse test, which indicated a borderline function of her right posterior semi-circular canal plane with reduced vestibular ocular reflex as well as saccades,she is having positive gaze evoked nystagmus, also seen was some malar flush which resembled a butterfly rash. Angel has been having microseizures which resemble otolith crisis and shortly she will be having an EEG in Blackpool, she is prone to malar flushes along with purpuric spots on her face which sometimes are quite refractory to spontaneously resolve, in 2015 she presented some dysarthria and wobbliness, she tires quite easily she gets intermittent episodes of swaying, cant tolerate bright lights and indeed challenging visual targets with features of visual vertigo.

Balance rehabilitation did not commence last visit, this time a sheet has been given for Angel to start this.

There could be a case of peripheral vestibular hypofunction or even vestibular processing dysfunction at the level of vestibular nuclei. She will require a neurological opinion and this can happen after results of EEG are known.

Yet again a new clinic to attend for tumour trooper  



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