EEG – 23rd of Feb

Angel attended a new clinic visit at Blackpool victoria hospital to have an EEG.As many blog followers are aware, she has been having episode of microseizures and vascular flush on her face.

What is an EEG
An EEG (ElectroEncephaloGraph) records the electrical impulses that your brain produces naturally whilst sending and receiving messages from your body.

Electro – indicates the electrical impulses that are being measured.
Encephalo– the area from which we are measuring i.e. the head

Graph– this is the form in which the impulses are generated.

The test took 45mins and 23 small electrodes were placed on Angels scalp using a paste, 2 further electrodes were placed on either shoulders- to record heart rhythm.

Angel had to lay on a bed and was to follow instructions of opening and closing eyes, these were all videoed. 

Photic Stimulation next took place – Angel has to look at a bright light which flashed at various speeds with her eyes opened and then closed.

The results of the EEG are not given on the day of investigation, as the recordings have to be analysed,and referred to clinicians (in this case Audiology and Endocrinology and Oncology at Alder Hey and Dr Laycovk at Blackpool Victoria) 

An update of the findings will be posted when the results are received!! 


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