Endocrinology – 23rd Feb

After attending our local hospital in the morning, Angel had an appointment with Dr Didi at Alder Hey in the afternoon.We have not yet received the letter for this visit but as Angel is presenting symptoms of vascular rash swollen lips ect, he wanted to have a blood test done to check that she has not got a very rare deficiency, C1 angioedema deficiency deficiency.

So what was first thought to be a quick visit of being at Alder Hey for 1 hour ended up us not leaving till 2½ hours later due us having to go have her bloods done and one sample to be picked up by emergency transport for it to be tested whilst warm at Liverpool Royal Hospital, after the bloods was done at the pathology laboratory we had to go back to see Dr Didi again for him to discuss what happens from here, which we are still waiting to hear about the C1 test and a letter from himself, was no point in discussing the test till the result is back all Bev knows that this is something to do with immunology and cant even make sense of it from researching it.

Yet again a update post will follow 



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