Orthotic Clinic – Blackpool Vic 8th Feb

Angel was referred by her physiotherapist in Nov2015 to orthotics with issues relating to sore ankles, on 8th Feb she attended the orthotic clinic at her local hospital Blackpool victoria hospital.
As this is her first visit to the clinic Bev had to go through everything that has gone on with Angel since diagnosis of the tumour to the present date with all the issues of her MPHD and hyperacusis and vascular problems.

An examination was done of Angel – she had to stand on her tip toes, her arch, facing the consultant with her back to him and also her big toe was pulled upwards.

She has high arches 

So she stood with her back to him and had her foot placed normally on the floor, concerns were her kneecaps as they are rotating inwards which will have an affect on her hips and that is what is causing the pains in her ankles and feet!!

So, she has to remove all insoles in her shoes and to wear interpod flex 8arch insoles in her shoes hopefully these will help sort her kneecaps out.

They are superior shock absorbant and maintain support, as soon as they were put in her shoes she could actually tell a difference which is amazing.

She will go to review appointments at this clinic is everytime her feet grow as new sizes will be needed


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