Sleep EEG

Angel attended Blackpool Victoria Hospital for this test to see how much melatonin she absorbs, as she doesn’t produce it ,or very little. She never slept well before diagnosis of the brain tumour and still has hit and miss nights of being able to sleep,the issue is not with going to sleep but actually staying asleep, if Angel needs the toilet in the night she has to go in the dark as if she turns on any lights it will stop her from getting back off to sleep, and due to her hyperacusis the slightest noise can way her up(very sensitive hearing)

A brief description of –

Melatonin is produced by various tissues in the body,the major source is the pineal gland in the brain

The pineal gland is a small pinecone shaped gland of the endocrine system,which produces the hormone melatonin.Melatonin influences sexual development and sleep-wake cycles.The pineal gland connects the endocrine system with the nervous system in that it converts nerve signals from sympathetic system of the peripheral nervous system into hormone signals.

So as we know Angel is MPHD(multiple pituitary hormone deficient) it all has a big impact on her,as everything that Angel has issues with is silent, a regular comment by people is how well she looks but that is not the case, at the moment her brain tumour is stable but all the endocrine issues have the biggest impact on her day to day life.


Angel had to be awake at 5.30am to have a light breakfast then drink nothing or eat nothing after 6am.

She arrived at hospital by 7.45 to have obs taken ready for the test, due to Angel suffering so much with fatigue lately she was starting to fall asleep Bev had to keep shouting at her to stay awake, at 9am the neurophysiologist who does the test took her into a side ward to start putting the 23electrodes on her scalp.

The investigation is painless  and a recording during sleep can be helpful. Angel was given some sedation to enable sleep, which for Angel worked well as she was struggling to keep her eyes open on arrival, the test took 1 hour and results are not given on the day.

Update will follow when we have results


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