Part 3-It’s harder now than it was in the beginning

After trying to sort out education for Angel,and to get her some normality with her attending school, and the many issues she has due to the brain tumour, and informing her team and school of the changes we had made,everyone was happy  with a reduced timetable for Angel in school, you would kind of feel that things would run more smoothly for her, but this was not the case.

The day after seeing Dr Did Bev received a phone call from Dr Thorp at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, she was concerned that Angel was only attending school on a part time basis and Angel needs to fulfil her maximum potential, so a multi-disciplinary meeting was arranged for 16th August.

Bev was absolutely furious, this was in the middle of August so plans for a return visit for her check up at UFPTI was postponed, she physical dreading telling Angel as she knew exactly how she would respond, especially with not  getting back to Jax  second year on the run.

When Angel returned from school she was in tears being told about the meeting ,which then turned into anger with her saying ‘as long as my brain tumour is stable and my hormones are ok that should be all that matters, does it matter if I don’t do well at school  or my brain does not function properly,all that should be there main concern is my brain tumour stays stable and I can learn to live with all the other things that go on ( if any of you know Angel really well you would know a lot of swears words will be in with her comments) Bev totally agreesd with how Angel was feeling,  and was going to express her feelings at the meeting.


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