Part 4-Things were easier in the beginning

Multi-disciplinary meeting was attended by Angel,Bev,oncology nurse specialist,clinical psychologist,educational psychologist and Dr Thorp who led the meeting.

Angel was struggling at school with fatigue, memory problems and mood swings such that she now attends school on a part time basis.Medically Angel is doing well, in terms of her non-medical ongoing issues they are as follows , she continues to be troubled by profound fatigue, this impacts on the amount of school that she is able to attend , and if she does a full day at school then she only manages a couple of hours the following day along with fatigue comes poor concentration and diffulties in lessons.

Angel describes sporadic poor memory. She loses things easily, has episode of mixed up alphabet letters.She has also found that she has had missed letters out in writing words.Bev feels her spellings and writing has gone backwards.

She is troubled by mood swings, she loses  her temper at least everyday. In terms of school she has decided to drop the options Science Drama and History and to only do Music  Science and Art Textiles,  creative subjects Angel manages better with.

A neuropsychology testing which was done in December 2015 noted that her verbal memory scored significantly lower than her other score which may explain her difficulty at school. She has also undergone a dyslexia screen in school which all scores seemed to be below average. However, it was felt important to point out that this is a screening rather than a diagnostic test and the results will vary from day to day depending on the level of fatigue.Although this may highlight some dyslexia traits, this does not mean that Angel has dyslexia. However it may mean that the coping strategies that would normally be used to overcome a low verbal memory score may not be appropriate for Angel.

Dr Thorp noted that it had been agreed with school that she will enter the educational diversity program and receive home schooling in the September for Maths and English whilst attending school for her options. We have agreed that this is a good compromise certainly in the short term but Angel should be kept under review and monitored as things improve for her she continue re integration into normal school if possible. It is also important that we continue to highlight Angels many positive attributes she has been through so much in the past couple of years with her health but continues to present as a bright lucid sociable and resilient teenager. It is the aim that Angel has the appropriate level of support but also normality to enable her to achieve her ambitions and fulfil her potential.

Bev expressed her opinions in the meeting and said health is her main concern, if she does well in school it is a bonus for Angel and for her not to worry about exams ect just do what she is capable of doing.

We were even informed that with everything that is going on with Angel they may not be able to given the reasons why, which left her feeling  shocked and as for the meeting what a waste of time as Dr Thorp was happy with what we had in plan for Angel when she returned to school to commence year9.


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