bunnies, socks, hampers and more!

Since the beginning of Angel’s brain tumour journey myself and my ‘little helpers’ have made a whole heap of goodies which will sell to specifically raise money to fund travel insurance for Angel’s continued treatment.
Our goodies currently include:

Sweetie cones 🍡

Easter hampers 

Cupcake socks 🍰– Sold out (Thank you Jodie for taking them into DWP and wiping me out!)

🐰🐰Cloth Bunnies🐰🐰- SOLD OUT. Will attempt more when I have more time 😊

Animal name pictures 🐯🐧🐘🐼

Loom band minions & flowers – kindly made donated by angle and Ellie

This weekend I took Adam and Isla to the beach and we’re going to attempt to make a bunch of moisaic mirrors.
If you would like to purchase something, visit us at one of our fundraising events or fill in the comment box on the contact page.


nb: while I endeavour to reply to all emails and messages please bear in mind I also have a full time job & lots of littles in my life keeping me busy. Will try to respond within 4 days xx