Elaine Explains…

I have had a few emails asking for different information about Proton Beam Therapy, Angel’s mask and the effects/side effects of her treatment.

Being in the ‘brain tumour/proton clinic’ world on a daily basis, we talk to a lot of people with various different tumours and cancers – so often forget to fully explain terms and concepts.

I appreciate sometimes (especially Angel’s friends) reading her blog can be intriguing, ergo, I’m going to start explaining these in more detail – starting with Protons!

I’ll post these onto the blog, but also link here, so they are easy to access. I’ll try to include pictures and PDF’s where possible.

Once again – don’t be afraid to email me your questions! I will try to explain, and provide information as much as I possibly can (including English items for our American friends and followers).

Simply click the links below to be taken directly to the blog post!
Sorry for any typos – I do everything on the blog via my iphone! x


Protons, Proton Therapy and Angels Treatment…

The Mask…

Auds Chime…

England: In response to American Questions

Dr. Danny

Has it worked? What Happens Next?

Hair Loss

Elaine Explains MRI’s vs MRA’s 

Bunnies, Socks, Hampers & more

You can send me a question by emailing us, or just completing the form below  🙂



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