We have and continue to receive so much love and support across the miles from everyone following Angel’s brain tumour journey! I do try to publicise all fundraising events on the blog as they happen… but also wanted to include this list of lovely people we want to say a massive Thank You to!! In no particular order:

*Steve Wills and The Wills Family foundation
*Annette Boccaccio for making the Proton Angel Monkey
*Laura Harcort and Lee Coker
*Stacey and Shaun Connor
*Tony Johnston & Staining – Lodge Golf Course and all the participating golfers
*Louise Bryer-Jones
*The Stevenson Family
*Caroline Thomson & Marsh Mill shopping village
*Alyson Syms & Leah’s Dream Trust
* Gaynor Fielding
*Jo Hurst, Year 6 and everyone at Bispham Endowed Primary School.
*Maggie Owen at The Union Exchange
*Lorraine Bamford & Family
* Irene Priestly and Claremont Spiritualist Church
*Jodie Kershaw and family
* Rhiannan Baxter & Baines School
*Vivienne O’Shea & Sundae Best
*Joanne and Pricilla
*Caxton Printing Accrington.
*Every person and organisation who has donated prizes towards the Big Raffle, and Jodie Kershaw’s ‘Auctions for Angel
*Everyone who has, and still is selling raffle tickets for us.
*Ellie, Leona and Alexea for helping make sweet cones.
*Anna Davies and all the photographers, models and make up artists involved in all the photo shoots.
*Campbell Meyer and Kim Synder for taking us out for dinner when we first arrived and didn’t know anyone!
*Dylan Taylor & his sponsored swim
*Melanie and Andy Singleton
*Everyone at Hamburger Mary’s Jacksonville


I would also like to say a massive Thank You to all of our friends in America: especially everyone at Proton Clinic; Kim for chasing us free tickets for events and attractions; Deborah from Michaels; Kaleigh at Olive Garden and Paul Mitchell School of hair; Campbell Meyer for driving us about and taking us on Day trips (and bringing us a tin opener and DVDs); Barbara at UFPTI for arts and crafts days; Scott Stevens at Dicks Wings and grill and Susanne Sinclair Henderson and South side Assembly of God. Celeste, Conor and Zach. Kathy, Sandie & Benny.

As we have received banked donations and cash, I have recorded it and thanked publicly on the blog and will continue to do so.

Many thanks, and once again, if anyone is unsure; feels their donations have been lost; wishes for further clarification; or to discuss a more detailed breakdown of the fundraising donations received do not hesitate to contact me.



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