Happy New Year 2018

  A happy new year to all my blog followers, I hope you all had a good time this Christmas and new year in 2017, and I hope 2018 is a good one for you all. Sorry I didn’t post anything in 2017 but last year was a rollercoaster of a time for me. I […]

Part 4-Things were easier in the beginning

Multi-disciplinary meeting was attended by Angel,Bev,oncology nurse specialist,clinical psychologist,educational psychologist and Dr Thorp who led the meeting. Angel was struggling at school with fatigue, memory problems and mood swings such that she now attends school on a part time basis.Medically Angel is doing well, in terms of her non-medical ongoing issues they are as follows […]

Sleep EEG

Angel attended Blackpool Victoria Hospital for this test to see how much melatonin she absorbs, as she doesn’t produce it ,or very little. She never slept well before diagnosis of the brain tumour and still has hit and miss nights of being able to sleep,the issue is not with going to sleep but actually staying […]

MRI update and Endocrine

Sorry for delay in blog post. Angel attended Alder Hey on 23rd Feb seeing Dr Didi her endocrinologist,  as seen photos of facial swelling and history of severe abdominal pain she was tested to exclude C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency, Angel showed an unequivocally normal result. She can have shockingly poor energy levels episodically and falls […]